Saturday, December 24, 2022


Tonight was nearly the end of Hanukkah this year, so the Space Alien had to prepare the menorah and fry lots of potato pancakes!   

And then, because it was also Christmas Eve, the Space Alien had to help Santa with the reindeer!

December 25 was also the birthday of a dear friend, so the Space Alien needed to get right to work on a lovely cake! 

The Space Alien hardly knew where to begin!  

“Just begin at the beginning!” the Space Alien kept murmuring, and somehow it all fell into place!

The first challenge was Hanukkah!  The Space Alien had helped Judah Maccabee win a great battle and wanted to light the oil lamps but there wasn’t enough oil!   But miraculously the oil lamps remained lit for eight days!  

Here, with Judah Maccabee looking on, the Space Alien holds this lamp aloft so that all can see it!

But tomorrow is also Christmas - and oh my goodness, Santa’s reindeer have all caught colds!  How will Santa deliver lovely gifts to all the children?  

The Space Alien and Rudolph will help! 

Then the Space Alien scurried to the kitchen and baked this lovely cake for a dear friend with a birthday on December 25!  
Such an exciting day for the Space Alien!    Exhausting but Perfect!  

The Space Alien wishes all Loyal Readers days that might be Exhausting, but that turn out to be Perfect!