Monday, April 27, 2020


The Space Alien showed up at Your Editor's house ready to work on the next issue of the Space Alien Gazette.  

Your Editor was shocked by the Space Alien's appearance.  
"What happened to you?" she cried.  "You've become quite pale!"

"I did what the President told us to do for COVID-19," answered the Space Alien.  "He told us to inject bleach!  You can even read about this here:"

"So I figured drinking it would be just as good.  The President also talked about using something called 'hydroxychloroquine.'  I thought this was what he meant!" 

"Oh no!" cried Your Editor!  "That could make you terribly sick!

"Don't worry," said the Space Alien.  "You know I'm imaginary so I'll be ok!"

"Well," replied Your Editor, "I only hope that some Loyal Reader won't try it and be terribly injured!" 

"You're right!" agreed the Space Alien, quickly returning to normal.  "I won't do that again!  Now I'll just wash up!"  

Dear Loyal Readers -- You are NOT the Space Alien so PLEASE do not do ANY of these things! 
(Just wash your hands and, if you wish, use hand sanitizer on your hands!)   


Monday, April 6, 2020


The Space Alien was a trusted confidant of Queen Elizabeth I during the 16th Century. 

More recently, the Space Alien had the ear of British royalty when Queen Elizabeth II was a Royal Princess and, later, a beautiful young Queen!

But the Space Alien does not just lounge around Buckingham Palace, and never hesitates to volunteer wherever needed.

When one of the Palace Guards recently stubbed his toe and could not march, the Space Alien immediately donned the classic uniform and marched with military precision in the ceremonial Changing of the Guard.  

The absent Guard soon felt better and thanked the Space Alien for filling in!  

So it was no surprise that the Space Alien was right beside Queen Elizabeth this week when she exhorted the nation to be brave in the face of COVID-19, and to follow the advice of doctors to stay home and do whatever else might be needed to stay healthy during this scourge!    

Here is the Queen's Address of April 5, 2020: 

(We hope this will still be online!)

Be sure to turn on your computer speakers as well as the speaker icons at the lower left of the TV screen on this link to listen!

And Stay Well! 

In the Mailbag!

This issue of the Space Alien Gazette prompted an unusual number of comments from Loyal Readers.  

Could this be that because during the COVID-19 crisis, many Loyal Readers are at home with nothing but time on their hands?

A few of these comments are summarized here: 

1. Why is the U.K. (United Kingdom) not renamed the U.Q. (United Queendom):  A really good question.  Perhaps in happier, healthier times the Space Alien will take this up with the proper officials who will probably be pleased to spend some time pondering this!

2. From a Loyal Reader who is also a health care professional, as well as several other Loyal Readers:  Why isn't the Space Alien practicing Social Distancing during this time of COVID-19?  

This is a very good question and Your Editor was remiss in not explaining.  Happily, the Space Alien is blessed with a uniquely endowed immune system and neither transmits nor is subject to communicable diseases.  

This is why you can get as close as you wish to your computer, tablet or cell phone to read the Space Alien Gazette in perfect safety!  (Unless you are driving your car!)

3. Another Loyal Reader wrote to say that the Space Alien should have been wearing a mask to set a good example.  Your Editor cannot argue with this logic and neither can the Space Alien.  So the Space Alien is now wearing a mask -- it doesn't fit perfectly but we hope it will set a suitable example to remind Loyal Readers to wear theirs! 

The Space Alien Sets a Good Example!
Just be sure YOUR mask fits better!