Friday, October 26, 2018

The Space Alien Dances with the Joffrey Ballet

Your Editor found the Space Alien in the living room wearing electric blue tights and doing barre exercises at a towel rack placed in front of a large mirror.

(Unfortunately no camera was handy to record this scene so Loyal Readers will simply have to imagine it for themselves. )

"Hallowe'en is almost here," said Your Editor.  "Have you thought about your costume this year?"

The Space Alien completed a graceful plié and turned to Your Editor.  

"I've had no time for that," said the Space Alien.  "I've been asked to understudy for a ballerina at the famous Joffrey Ballet in Chicago -- she sprained her little toe and may not be able to dance -- so I only have a short time to learn her part in Swan Lake."  

"Well, that's certainly exciting and a tribute to your talent," said Your Editor, "but you are post-gender, so how will you handle this traditionally female role?"

"I practiced very hard to be a believable swan," answered the Space Alien," and as you can see by this poster they made in case I'm called to perform, I more than succeeded!" 

"You certainly are believable in the role" said Your Editor, "but will you be sad if the regular dancer recovers and you are not called?"

"I'll be a little disappointed," said the Space Alien, "but the important thing is the ballet itself!  I am thrilled to contribute to my art in any way, and there will be other opportunities I am sure!" 

"Your devotion is commendable," said Your Editor, "and maybe you can wear your lovely tutu to our Space Alien Gazette Hallowe'en party!"

"Say, that's a great idea," said the Space Alien, executing a graceful tour jeté across the room.   

So, Loyal Reader,  if you plan to attend the final Joffrey Ballet production of Swan Lake you may have a chance to experience the thrill of watching the Space Alien in the role of the graceful Swan!  

Otherwise, here is the poster with the regular performer -- and we are sure you would enjoy that performance as well!

Happy Hallowe'en!!!
Note: A Loyal Reader reminds us that the Space Alien, no newcomer to classical ballet, played a crucial role last December involving reindeer dancing in the Joffrey Ballet's Nutcracker 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Space Alien Marches Again with the Women

The Space Alien was thrilled to march in the second Chicago Women's March on Saturday, October 13, 2018.  The weather was perfect and early reports indicated this March would be even larger than the one last year. 

Unfortunately Your Editor's broken bones were still rattling around loose, so she was not able to march this year.  But the Space Alien, a fearless and industrious reporter, covered this for the Space Alien Gazette.  

The Women's March to the Polls, not only encouraged women to get out the vote this year, but also facilitated early voting for those wishing to do so.    

From a convenient perch atop Chicago's Roosevelt University in the historic Auditorium Theatre Building, the Space Alien could Watch the marchers.    

The Space Alien Watches from atop the
Auditorium Theatre Building
(The historic Auditorium Theatre, designed by Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler over 125 years ago is one of the Space Alien's favorite places!)
The Space Alien Enjoys a Performance at the Auditorium Theatre

But today, seeing how many marchers were dressed for the occasion, the Space Alien went to the nearby "Voter Village, " quickly found a vendor with perfect outfitting for the March, and sent this exclusive selfie back to Your Editor.

The Space Alien Outfitted for the Womens March to the Polls

"How do you like my outfit?" asked the Space Alien, stopping in at Your Editor's house after the March.  "This tote bag is so handy for all my marching gear!  And the t-shirt and cap are simply ME!"

"Well, I guess since you are imaginary you won't be voting any time soon, so whenever you do it will be your first time," answered Your Editor, still somewhat glum about missing the March. 

"I know," said the Space Alien sadly.  "I'm not a citizen and I'm not even real -- but even if I'm imaginary I still have hopes and dreams!" 

"You're right," agreed Your Editor.  "I'm sad because I couldn't march today, and this had been among my hopes and dreams.  But now I need to move on and do what I can to get out the vote!"

The Space Alien nodded sadly and then brightened --- "Look at my pictures!  There were SO many people!  Maybe even more than last year!   I'm glad I went, and I marched twice as hard --  for you!'

"Thank you," said your Editor.  "Your being there was almost like being there myself!  So now let's have a look at your photos!" 

Chicago Women's March 2018 in Grant Park

Chicago Women's March 2018 at the 
Chicago Civic Center