The Space Alien Returns!

The Space Alien Gazette, a distinguished occasional periodical, published briefly in hard copy during the 1980's, now  returns to edify and amaze its readers.  

The Space Alien first appeared in the home of Your Editor nearly half a century ago.  Otherwise unexplained phenomena (muddy tracks in the kitchen, disappearing cookies, faucets left running, etc.) over the years were (at least according to Your Editor's offspring) clearly due to this remarkably endowed but sometimes forgetful character, who aspires, above all else, to be helpful.

Some people, familiar with Your Editor's general spaciness, thought Your Editor was actually the Space Alien.  This is, of course, a silly rumor which should be immediately quashed!

The official portrait of the Space Alien was first produced on a dot-matrix printer in the early days of personal computing, and scanned into the current version of the Space Alien Gazette.  The Space Alien has never authorized another personal portrait.

Please note that the Space Alien is post-gender, and does not care to be referenced as "it," finding this too cold and impersonal.  This obviously creates some problems for Your Editor (a.k.a. Joan Levin) who  knows of no generally accepted English solution for this problem.

We hope you will enjoy the adventures of the Space Alien, a well-meaning but somewhat naive creature, who can travel through both space and time at tachyonic velocities exceeding the speed of light, and yet exists as a modest and benign presence in our lives today.

Reach Out to the Space Alien

Because the Space Alien transmits reports through a complex quantum teleportation mechanism (q.v.)  while traveling through space at tachyonic velocities exceeding the speed of light, an earthbound scribe is required to convert these transmissions to forms comprehensible by those earthbound.  Your Editor, Joan Levin, is honored to be entrusted with this important task.

The Space Alien has added many internet links to these posts and hope they will be as interesting and exciting for loyal readers as they are for the Space Alien.   The notation Q.V. standing for "quod vide"  or "which see" similarly directs readers to a link.

You may access the Space Alien Gazette directly from your computer or mobile device via, or ("ca" stands for Canada, because the Space Alien is not limited by national borders).

And you may write to the Space Alien at  The Space Alien is thrilled to hear from Loyal Readers.

The Space Alien brings Loyal Readers this information because the Space Alien really cares!