Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Space Alien Celebrates St. Valentine's Day

The Space Alien enjoyed an afternoon of speed skating on icy Lake Michigan in frostbitten Chicago.  (Younger -- or foolish -- Loyal Readers please note: This is NOT safe for you, as the ice is not strong enough, but the Space Alien, made of different stuff, can enjoy this sport with confidence!)

But the frozen stillness was interrupted by a ringing cell  phone.   Who could be calling?  Of course the Space Alien had to answer it!

It was Your Editor and she sounded annoyed!

"It's almost Valentine's Day," she cried, "and you have not even begun to make your Valentines!  This is when we tell our Loyal Readers how much we appreciate their readership!"

"You're right," said the Space Alien. "The Space Alien Gazette could not exist without our Loyal Readers; we love them all! I think this year I'll write some Valentine poems for them to enjoy!'

So, Loyal Readers, here are some of the Valentine Verses the Space Alien wrote just for you!  We hope you will like them, and the special candy too!

Dear Loyal Readers - all of us here at the Space Alien Gazette wish you a happy and loving Valentine's Day!