Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Space Alien Prepares for the New Year

Your Editor found the Space Alien reviewing back issues of the Space Alien Gazette.  

"What are you reading?" she asked.

"I'm reading our past Rosh Hashanah issues" answered the Space Alien, "and thinking about the past year and how we can make next year even better!" 

(And here, Loyal Reader, in case you missed it, is a link to one of the Space Alien's faves, the special Space Alien Gazette "Big Bang" issue of 2016:

"Now I must get back to my holiday baking," said the Space Alien, pointing to the braided challah dough on the kitchen table.   

"See, I've finished one loaf already!"  
"This round loaf reminds us of the cycles of seasons and years," said the Space Alien.  "I learned this and more about the foods of Rosh Hashanah, and got some recipes too, from one of our  competitors, the Huffington Post."

The Space Alien continued: "This special New Year holiday reminds me to do all I can to be a better, kinder, more helpful Space Alien in the coming year, and that's what I'll try to do!" 

"That's a good message for all of us!" exclaimed Your Editor.  "And our Loyal Readers may read more about this at: "

This year Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on Sunday, September 9.   Your Editor joins the Space Alien in dipping apple slices in honey and in wishing our Loyal Readers L'Shanah Tovah -- A Good Year, A Sweet Year!  

Monday, September 3, 2018

Special Labor Day 2018 Edition

Today is Labor Day and the Space Alien appreciates everyone whose work makes our country great.  

The Space Alien has excelled at many kinds of work and now serves as Star Reporter for the Space Alien Gazette.  

We hope on this Labor Day you will enjoy these exclusive photos from the Space Alien's personal album! 


"I cared for the animals and never let anyone eat them!"

Major League Baseball Player
"My stats were legendary!"
Fire Fighter
"I saved many lives!" 

We wish our Loyal Readers a happy and restful Labor Day!