Thursday, June 17, 2021


Each year the Space Alien revels on Midsummer Night, an evening observed with festivities in many lands around the time of the summer solstice which in 2021 falls on June 20.  

In years past, the Space Alien delighted summer theatre audiences by playing the role of Puck in performances of Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream.   

Once again we are pleased to share these exclusive pictures of the Space Alien in the role of Puck, dressed in traditional rustic garb.

And in the same role in another production the Space Alien wears an exquisite Elizabethan costume! 

Unfortunately COVID-19 may put a damper on these events where the Space Alien once played to huge and wildly appreciative audiences. 

If you are not familiar with this play, there are many online information sources and even productions.  The Space Alien hopes you will will use this extra daylight to examine them!  
June 8, 1625 was the birthday of Giovanni Domenico Cassini, the famous astronomer who, among many other things, discovered the satellites and rings of Saturn.   

The Space Alien Gazette dedicated an issue to this genius and the spacecraft named for him at:   

Giovanni Domenico Cassini
On June 19th the Space Alien will mark Juneteenth, the anniversary of the day in 1865 when Union Soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas to announce the end of the Civil War and slavery.  The Space Alien will study these websites and other sources and consider the meaning of this day.

 This month marks the Fifth Anniversary
 of the Space Alien Gazette, on the Internet since June, 2016.  
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