Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Space Alien Gazette is One Year Old!

The Space Alien Gazette, which first appeared online in July, 2016, survived a critical first year in the rough-and-tumble world of international journalism, and the entire staff gathered to celebrate beneath the massive central rotunda of the Space Alien Gazette Tower.

Reporters, editors, designers, printing press operators, delivery truck drivers, and all the other employees of the Space Alien Gazette, along with their friends and families, waited in breathless anticipation for the Space Alien.

Soon the Space Alien arrived to deafening cheers and applause.  Even ping-pong games ceased as the Space Alien greeted everyone and proceeded to carry heaping platters of food to waiting tables.

In the honorable tradition of Servant Leadership (
the Space Alien had prepared a banquet, beginning with beautiful greens and other vegetables lovingly and organically grown by farmers from all over the world, and bursting with fresh flavor and healthful nutrients!  

Food for a Celebration!

When all had enjoyed these gifts of sun, soil and devoted labor, the Space Alien, who had worked in the kitchen all night long, proudly presented, to the delight of all, a beautifully decorated cake!

The Space Alien Baked All Night!

Everyone, especially the Space Alien Gazette's food editor, marveled at this totally plant-based cake, baked with home-ground flour made entirely of nuts and seeds, with avocado for shortening and frosting, sweetened with dates, bananas and berries, and flavored with raw cacao!

Then the Space Alien set up a favorite small kitchen appliance, a Yonanas machine from, and in minutes had prepared dozens of delicious and healthful frozen fruit desserts for everyone.
The Space Alien Made Delicious Frozen Fruit Desserts for Everyone!

The Space Alien went home that evening, tired but happy, and reassured that the Space Alien Gazette would continue in its all-important role as an inspirational and reliable source of hard-hitting news and alternative facts.


Here is one of the Space Alien's exclusive photographs of just a few of the happy party-goers celebrating the first year of publication of the Space Alien Gazette.   Their upraised fists signify that they consume at least six large fistfuls of greens daily!
Happy Birthday, Space Alien Gazette!