Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Space Alien Visits the Art Institute

The Space Alien decided to visit the Adler Planetarium in Chicago  to study astronomy, but instead of taking the 146 Bus to the Planetarium, accidentally hopped aboard an early morning 151 Bus and headed for the Art Institute of Chicago.  

Riding the bike rack on the front of the bus was convenient and gave the Space Alien a chance to greet passersby who were thrilled to catch a glimpse of the Space Alien!

The Space Alien aboard the 151 Bus
 The Space Alien met a friend on the Art Institute steps.

The Space Alien Greets a Friend
Despite missing the Adler Planetarium, the Space Alien was able to study astronomy by examining the famous painting Starry Night, by Vincent Van Gogh. "I never saw stars like this before!" exclaimed the Space Alien to the friendly guard standing nearby.

The Space Alien Studies Astronomy
It was also a thrill for the Space Alien to meet and to have the ear of the artist Vincent Van Gogh. What exciting tales they shared with each other.

The Space Alien Shares a Secret

Vinnie (as the artist urged his new friend, the Space Alien, to call him) told the Space Alien that the current occupant of the White House had asked the Guggenheim Museum in Washington D.C.  to lend him a Van Gogh painting, and that the Guggenheim Museum had responded with an offer to lend a "solid gold toilet," about which you, Loyal Reader, may read at * below.    

(The Space Alien found this in terrible taste, but in the interest of keeping Loyal Readers fully informed, feels obliged share it on these pages.) 

All in all it was an inspiring but somewhat overtiring day for the Space Alien, who found a nice place to take a nap in the peaceful galleries of the Art Institute.  What a cozy room this was!  The Space Alien's new friend Vincent Van Gogh was so kind to share it!

The Space Alien Takes a Nap in Vincent Van Gogh's Bedroom 

While relaxing, the Space Alien reflected on this exciting day.  Sometimes even mistakes can have wonderful outcomes!  

All too soon it was time to go home, and the same bus that brought the Space Alien to the Art Institute was waiting outside the door for the return trip!  

By now it was quite late, so the Space Alien rode on the roof hoping to catch a glimpse of the same stars seen by Van Gogh.  Unfortunately Chicago smog trumped starry nights so this was not possible. 

The Space Alien Rides Home on the 151 Bus

The Space Alien recommends visiting the Chicago Art Institute -- or an art museum in your city.   You will find all sorts of treasures there, and you may even catch sight of the Space Alien!