Monday, November 21, 2016

The Space Alien Observes Thanksgiving

The Space Alien, deep in contemplation about the real meaning of Thanksgiving, became aware of a feathery rustle in the yard.  Rushing into the chilly November air to see what was happening, the Space Alien found Tom Turkey taking a stroll.

Friendly as always, the Space Alien whooshed over for a chat with this colorful visitor.  

But as the Space Alien approached, Tom Turkey, made a dash for it!

The Space Alien called out "What's your hurry, Tom Turkey?  I was just thinking about the real meaning of Thanksgiving!  What are you thankful for?"

"I'm thankful to be alive and want to stay that way!" cried Tom Turkey, picking up speed.

Tom Turkey kept running but the Space Alien called after him!

"Hey, Tom Turkey -- you know I wouldn't ruffle your beautiful feathers!  And who would eat a turkey anyway?"

"You'd be surprised!" answered Tom Turkey.

But then he stopped!  Sensing that he was safe, he ran back to the Space Alien.

The ever-sociable Space Alien greeted Tom Turkey with an invitation:

"Say, Tom Turkey, why don't you come to my Thanksgiving dinner?  Everyone will be there and it will be lots of fun!"

"What are you having for dinner?" asked the doubtful bird.

"I'm fixing a YUMMY dinner" said the Space Alien "and it's all plant based!"

"How did you learn to cook?" asked Tom Turkey.

"Carol D'Anca taught me how!  She's my editor's friend, a real honest-to-goodness nutritionist, with lots of great plant-based holiday recipes!"

"Can I see them?" asked Tom Turkey.

"Sure! They are at (where you may even get a "pop up" to receive a free pdf copy), or else at

Tom Turkey looked dubious.  "These recipes -- are they healthful?"

"Certainly," answered the Space Alien.  "I always take good care of my kind and caring heart."

"And there aren't any birds in them?" asked Tom Turkey.

"Of course not!  They are all plant based, unprocessed whole food and oil free!"

Tom Turkey whipped out a smart phone, looked over the holiday recipes, and offered to bring one of the desserts to the Space Alien's Thanksgiving dinner, an offer the Space Alien accepted with thanks.
The Space Alien and your editor wish all the loyal readers of the Space Alien Gazette a lovely Thanksgiving!