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Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Space Alien Responds to a Wear a Mask Contest

In a campaign to stop the spread of COVID-19, New York  Governor Andrew Cuomo recently sponsored a "Wear a Mask" public service ad contest.   

Hundreds of people submitted entries, and you may view the winners here: 
While immune to the terrible COVID-19 virus, the Space Alien nevertheless wears a mask to set a good example for human friends and decided to write a poem for Governor Cuomo's contest.

Unfortunately the deadline for entries had already passed, but the Space Alien wrote a poem anyway and put on a brand new mask to celebrate.    
Here's the poem the Space Alien wrote and recited as a rap wearing the brand-new mask!  

You don't have to ask,
I'll still Wear a Mask!
At home or in space,
I'll cover my face!
Our friends will admire us,
And not catch this virus!
It's fashionable too!
And shows I love you!

The Space Alien is sure this would have won a prize in Governor Cuomo's contest and believes Loyal Readers would agree!  

A note from Your Editor:
Loyal Reader, if the COVID-19 situation is still with us as you read this, please follow the Space Alien's lead and wear a mask!  And to read more about this, see:


Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Space Alien Observes Mothers Day, 2020

Mother's Day is special for the Space Alien, who doesn't recall having a mother but in general thinks mothers are wonderful and sometimes sees Your Editor in that role.  

Last year the Space Alien had taken Your Editor out for a lovely dinner and given her a beautiful framed self-portrait.

But this year restaurants were closed, and the Space Alien's official photographer was on assignment for major news outlets taking pictures of those showoff but oh-so-dangerous Corona Viruses! 

"I could visit her," thought the Space Alien.  "I'm imaginary so it wouldn't really be breaking her building's COVID-19 rules against visitors."

"But that doesn't seem fair; and how would I get one of my special cakes to her if I couldn't deliver it myself?"

"I think I'll give her a call on Mother's Day," concluded the Space Alien, getting out an old but serviceable cell phone. 

"She likes to talk a lot," thought the Space Alien.  
"Sometimes she can be a little repetitive and even boring but that's ok!"  

The Space Alien and the entire staff of the Space Alien Gazette wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy and SAFE Mother's Day!  

Monday, April 27, 2020

The Space Alien Takes Bad COVID-19 Advice

The Space Alien showed up at Your Editor's house ready to work on the next issue of the Space Alien Gazette.  

Your Editor was shocked by the Space Alien's appearance.  
"What happened to you?" she cried.  "You've become quite pale!"

"I did what the President told us to do for COVID-19," answered the Space Alien.  "He told us to inject bleach!  So I figured drinking it would be just as good.  The President also talked about using something called 'hydroxychloroquine.'  I thought this was what he meant!" 

"Oh no!" cried Your Editor!  "That could make you terribly sick!

"Don't worry," said the Space Alien.  "You know I'm imaginary so I'll be ok!"

"Well," replied Your Editor, "I only hope that some Loyal Reader won't try it and be terribly injured!" 

"You're right!" agreed the Space Alien, quickly returning to normal.  "I won't do that again!  Now I'll just wash up!"  

Dear Loyal Readers -- You are NOT the Space Alien so PLEASE do not do ANY of these things! 
(Just wash your hands and, if you wish, use hand sanitizer on your hands!)   


Monday, April 6, 2020

The Space Alien and Queen Elizabeth II During the COVID-19 Crisis

The Space Alien was a trusted confidant of Queen Elizabeth I during the 16th Century. 

More recently, the Space Alien had the ear of British royalty when Queen Elizabeth II was a Royal Princess and, later, a beautiful young Queen!

But the Space Alien does not just lounge around Buckingham Palace, and never hesitates to volunteer wherever needed.

When one of the Palace Guards recently stubbed his toe and could not march, the Space Alien immediately donned the classic uniform and marched with military precision in the ceremonial Changing of the Guard.  

The absent Guard soon felt better and thanked the Space Alien for filling in!  

So it was no surprise that the Space Alien was right beside Queen Elizabeth this week when she exhorted the nation to be brave in the face of COVID-19, and to follow the advice of doctors to stay home and do whatever else might be needed to stay healthy during this scourge!    

Here is the Queen's Address of April 5, 2020: 

(We hope this will still be online!)

Be sure to turn on your computer speakers as well as the speaker icons at the lower left of the TV screen on this link to listen!

And Stay Well! 

In the Mailbag!

This issue of the Space Alien Gazette prompted an unusual number of comments from Loyal Readers.  

Could this be that because during the COVID-19 crisis, many Loyal Readers are at home with nothing but time on their hands?

A few of these comments are summarized here: 

1. Why is the U.K. (United Kingdom) not renamed the U.Q. (United Queendom):  A really good question.  Perhaps in happier, healthier times the Space Alien will take this up with the proper officials who will probably be pleased to spend some time pondering this!

2. From a Loyal Reader who is also a health care professional, as well as several other Loyal Readers:  Why isn't the Space Alien practicing Social Distancing during this time of COVID-19?  

This is a very good question and Your Editor was remiss in not explaining.  Happily, the Space Alien is blessed with a uniquely endowed immune system and neither transmits nor is subject to communicable diseases.  

This is why you can get as close as you wish to your computer, tablet or cell phone to read the Space Alien Gazette in perfect safety!  (Unless you are driving your car!)

3. Another Loyal Reader wrote to say that the Space Alien should have been wearing a mask to set a good example.  Your Editor cannot argue with this logic and neither can the Space Alien.  So the Space Alien is now wearing a mask -- it doesn't fit perfectly but we hope it will set a suitable example to remind Loyal Readers to wear theirs! 

The Space Alien Sets a Good Example!
Just be sure YOUR mask fits better!


Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Space Alien Visits the Museum of Contemporary Art

Because of the outbreak of the Corona virus (COVID-19), a brunch with friends at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) to which Your Editor had been invited had to be cancelled.  

But the Space Alien, being a creature of fantasy, and whose passion is modern art, decided to make a fantasy visit to this important museum.     

Loyal Readers may recall reading about the Space Alien's earlier visit to Chicago's Art Institute.  
So this trip to yet another leading art museum was very special for the Space Alien. 

First the Space Alien enjoyed a lovely fantasy meal with fantasy friends at MCA's exquisite Marisol Restaurant. 
Next, adequately nourished, the Space Alien toured some of the famous artistic works in the quiet galleries. 

The Space Alien admired a portrait of an old friend.  
"It's a perfect likeness!" exclaimed the Space Alien.

Visitors,  young and old, listened attentively as the Space Alien helped the MCA staff by leading a fantasy guided tour (since real people would never stand in such close proximity given the current public health situation!). 

At the Museum Store the Space Alien picked up a can of soup.  "I'm not sure why they are selling soup here, or why someone left a candle in it" said the Space Alien, "but it will be nice to have a can of soup in my pantry to enjoy some cold winter night!"

"And one more thing!" thought the Space Alien placing some purchases on the checkout counter.
"This is my gift for every single one of my Loyal Readers!"  
Hopefully the day will not be distant when Loyal Readers can safely enjoy this and so much more at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art.   More information is here:     
Note: Now that Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art is closed, a Loyal Reader responded with this URL with addresses for online tours of some great art museums all over the world!  The Space Alien plans to digitally visit them all!

Note: On March 20, 2020, Your Editor received news from the Art Institute of Chicago (now closed) about their new "Interactive Features" which you may enjoy online!

Note: Added March 23, 2020, another sign of the times from the Art Institute of Chicago:

Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Space Alien Struggles with New Directions

The Space Alien's long-planned winter holiday was recently waylaid.   Despite carefully made plans to spend a week on a sunny Caribbean beach sipping non-alcoholic Mai-Tais, the Space Alien, traveling at customary velocities exceeding the speed of light, wound up in a dingy hamburger joint in freezing Chicago drinking a stale root beer.  

"How could this happen?" wondered the Space Alien.  "This is not the winter getaway I planned!  I followed my compass so carefully!  How could I have gotten so lost?"

The Space Alien soon noticed this article in a copy of the prestigious science journal Nature that another patron had left behind on the greasy counter.

"Earth’s magnetic field is acting up and geologists don’t know why.  Erratic motion of north magnetic pole forces experts to update model that aids global navigation."

The Space Alien quickly set aside the stale root beer and began reading this article with alarm: 

"Something strange is going on at the top of the world. Earth’s north magnetic pole has been skittering away from Canada and towards Siberia, driven by liquid iron sloshing within the planet’s core."

Then the Space Alien turned a few pages and found this diagram:  

"Oh my goodness," thought the Space Alien.  "If the magnetic poles are moving, this must be why my compass doesn't work!   Without my compass, how will I ever find my warm, sunny vacation spot?" 

The Space Alien picked up a cell phone to do some research and saw that even Forbes had reported this movement of the earth's magnetic field! 
"Earth's magnetic North Pole is quickly moving from the Canadian Arctic toward Russia."

Newsweek had also reported this at:

"Earth's northern magnetic pole is moving at an unexpectedly fast rate toward Siberia. Scientists discovered the pole was not where it should be in September last year, and, as a result, had to update the model that tracks its movements."

The Space Alien was flabbergasted by this news.  "What will happen to all the snowbirds heading for happy vacation trips to Florida or points south?" wondered the Space Alien. "They will have to unpack their swimsuits and pack Russian dictionaries instead!"

Then another post flashed on the Space Alien's cell phone:
Science News 

The Moon may play a major role in maintaining Earth's magnetic field

April 1, 2016  Source: CNRS  
The Earth's magnetic field permanently protects us from the charged particles and radiation that originate in the Sun. This shield is produced by the geodynamo, the rapid motion of huge quantities of liquid iron alloy in the Earth's outer core. To maintain this magnetic field until the present day, the classical model required the Earth's core to have cooled by around 3 000 °C over the past 4.3 billion years. Now, astronomers suggest that, on the contrary, its temperature has fallen by only 300 °C. The action of the Moon, overlooked until now, is thought to have compensated for this difference and kept the geodynamo active.
The Space Alien, momentarily stunned by new words like "geodynamo" and the possible role of the Moon, did a quick Google search to read about the effects of movements of the Earth's molten core upon the geomagnetic field. .

"This is all much too complicated for me," thought the Space Alien, and immediately picked up the phone to book a  seat on the next commercial airline flight to Miami.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year 2020 from the Space Alien

The Space Alien wishes all Loyal Readers a Happy and Healthy New Year!  

Once again the Space Alien invites you, wherever you are, to join in a toast of sparkling grape juice to welcome the New Year with joyous celebration!    

May the year 2020 be one of great and beneficent vision for our leaders and for each one of us as well!  

The Space Alien also urges Loyal Readers to consider those whose holidays may not be as joyous.  Chicago's Food Bank, the Greater Chicago Food Depository, does this now and each day of the year!   Learn more here:


Friday, December 20, 2019

The Space Alien Celebrates Three Holidays

The Space Alien glanced at the calendar on the wall and had to take a deep breath to calm down!
Some exciting holidays that occur close to each other will be at the SAME TIME this year!
Christmas, based on the Gregorian solar calendar,  would fall on December 25th as always.  

In 2019, Hanukkah, based on the ancient  Jewish lunar calendar, would begin on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev, or at sundown on the evening of December 22.  

And Kwanzaa would be celebrated on December 26.

The Space Alien always looks forward to these holidays that brighten the darkest days of winter.   And the prospect of their occurring so close together leaves the Space Alien dizzy with excitement. 

The beautiful lights of this season never fail to spark joy in the Space Alien who often admires them during flights over our nation's capital! 

So many wonderful memories of years past!

The The White House Christmas Tree would be in place, and the National Christmas tree as well!
But there was even more!  The Space Alien could not resist memories of earlier days in the White House.

The First Lady, with family and friends, would light the White House Menorah! 

And the First Family would celebrate Kwanzaa! 
How busy the President and First Lady would be at this time of year with all these duties, thought the Space Alien.

The Space Alien loves the wonderful holiday customs, and especially the delicious food!

-- Fruitcakes loaded with sweet fruit and nuts, and  sometimes soaked in rum that makes the Space Alien just a bit silly, but not in a bad way!

-- Crispy potato pancakes fried in oil commemorating the miracle of the oil for the lamps of Hanukkah, loaded with sweet applesauce and rich sour cream and generously sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar!  

Chocolate Santas and tiny bags of chocolate coins!  

And for seven days of Kwanzaa the Space Alien celebrates family, community and culture with gifts and feasts! 

And for all of these wonderful holidays there will be thoughtful gifts for everyone! 

What a special time this is!
The Space Alien loves to play dreydl, 
spinning the little top to win a prize!
Even Santa joins in on the fun! 

Best of all are the Miracles! 

There is nothing the Space Alien loves more than a good miracle, and this season is full of them!     

A very special birth in dangerous circumstances! 


A victory of a small group of people over a mighty ruler who would deny their religious freedom! 

 Loyal Readers will recall that the Space Alien (along with your Editor) sings each year in Chicago's great Do-It-Yourself-Messiah, lending assistance by moving swiftly from section to section to help faltering singers with their parts.  

And of course the Space Alien always helps Santa bring gifts to boys and girls (of all ages)!

On Christmas Eve, the Space Alien loves to join carolers on the streets of the city, wearing warm, colorful clothing, and going from door to door bringing holiday cheer. 
Soon the Space Alien will light the first Hanukkah candles to shine through windows to brighten dark streets, and then join friends to play dreydl and sing lively Hanukkah songs to celebrates the courage of the Maccabees and their heroic fight for religious liberty!

The Space Alien is delighted to know that when winter is the darkest, the lights of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa will brighten our homes and neighborhoods, while delicious food and lovely gifts, enjoyed together with beloved family and friends, bring joy to all.  "That's the best miracle of all!" exclaims the Space Alien!  

The Space Alien and the entire Editorial Staff of the Space Alien Gazette wish Loyal Readers much happiness and some truly special miracles during this holiday season and in the coming year!